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Free/Open Source Projects

The following tools and programs are available from Codemass, Inc. under various Open Source licenses for free. Please see the individual project pages and let us know if you find them useful.

Load Testing Tool(s)


A massively-scalable HTTP client testing tool for measuring throughput and latency. Plethora can generate thousands of concurrent HTTP requests to multiple URLs to help you gauge your site's ability to cope with massive traffic spikes. Plethora is available under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Example Apache Module(s)


A simple Apache 2.0 module which demonstrates proper creation, use and destruction of shared memory and cross-process mutexes by counting (in shared memory) how often a page is requested. See the mod_shm_counter.c source file for the license details (BSD/MIT/Apache style license).

iPhone Applications

Smart Ride

Smart Ride provides real-time bus and train arrival times for SF Muni and AC Transit lines within the San Francisco Bay Area. Use the map to find transit stops near your current location, or pan around the map to discover arrival times at other locations.

Coming Soon...


A massively-scalable concurrency testing client with support for HTTP and planned support for HTTPS, FTP, MySQL, PostgreSQL and others. Sheepdog measures the effective capacity of your site by ramping up the workload until responses become delayed for longer than a typical user would tolerate. Use Sheepdog to locate and eliminate hot spots and other critical sections of your service which may be causing slowness or failures during peak traffic periods. Contact us if you are interested in this tool.